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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Stop Carbon Emission to Save Tomorrow

Sustainable environment is not only the ultimate need of  human beings, rather it is the imperative requirement of all the living creatures. With knowledge and sensitivity you can easily tab your unlimited desires, it is the simplest way to create a green and healthy environment for you and the generation yet to come. 

The literal meaning of the 'carbon print' is the amount of carbon emitted by an individual in one year of time span. Carbon Dioxide produced from different types of sources, it is the prime gas, responsible for global warming and climate changes in our environment. Basically, it’s the pollution that creates nuisance in the environment with the emission of various gases, wherein the major portion lies with the Carbon Dioxide Co2 which is involved vigorously in creating Global warming. The responsibility lies in us, the humans OR calls ourselves the devastators. With the each scientific discovery and technology, we get close to the 'development' and closer to the devastation and disaster.

We human beings, despite knowing the consequences, avoid the same, because we don’t want to forego our comfort zone. Our life style deliberately or in-deliberately abuses natural resources produced by the Mother Earth in various forms. On a daily basis, we have been polluting land, air and water; since ages. Most of us don’t bother ourselves about the waste we create, but thanks to the government bodies and agencies which are working for recycling of domestic and industrial waste.       
Using the carbon footprint calculator is very easy; it hardly takes 10 minutes to answer all of the questions and once done with the complete questionnaire you will be advised with your carbon footprint information. It’s actually very easy and fun to use. No personal and financial information required. It is solely aimed at you carbon based findings.  

One can achieve control on the carbon foot prints by  the use of  public transportations. For those who fly very often can save by conducting video conferences or teleconferences which will eventually save time, money, energy and carbon emission.   Use CFL bulbs as they reduce the amount of fossil fuels that utilities burns, emphasise more on recycling products.  

Plant trees as much as possible, they help to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Go for renewable energy sources, use solar panels and solar products like solar cooker, etc. Buy organic products and save water and reduce the water flow.  Of course, individually none can control carbon footprints through one's sole efforts. Proper coordination, collaborative efforts and collective responsibility are highly sought-after to combat the future catastrophe.  But, it is equally true that each individual should be ready to take initiatives in his own life through the judicious and sensible usage of natural resources.