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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Supreme Court's Verdict On Coal Block Allocations Seems More Pernicious Than Productive

Coalgate case had sparked strong condemnation from all walks of life. The incidence erupted people's anger against the UPA government which got translated in the debacle of UPA'S government in 2014 Loksabha poll.

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court cancelled 214 coal block allocations since 1993. The court said all coal block allocations were done in an illegal manner, breaching all the set guidelines . The Supreme Court declared that all coal mining rights assigned in the sixteen year period between 1993 and 2009 were illegal and there was absence of transparency in the process. verdict of Supreme Court seems more pernicious than productive as it is not only leading the coal companies and power sector into the dark but the results of Supreme Court's decision will be profusely more negative affect the whole economy to a greater extent. After power sector, banks are going to be badly affected by this decision. Alike Banks’ exposure to 2G loans of Rs 10,000 crore, the similar kind of panic banks will bear in the quash of 214 coal block allocation. In addition, banks which lent money to power  companies will have to rework their bad loan balances. Similarly new players in solar and other alternative energies will also look at the policy failures in India as imminent threats. Heavy industries which are already bearing the brunt of expensive imports will be further lashed by the high prices of coal and electricity.

Noteworthy to notice, Supreme Court's judges apprises, that  in handing out coal licenses 36 different committees from state and central governments acted arbitrarily and in spite of it country suffered big monetary losses.

It is really ironical that at one end government is causing losses of billions of dollars due to its inefficiency to allocate the resources in a transparent and profitable manner. On the other end the stringent laws dash the performance and profitability of the corporate sector not the politicians who are bigger culprits.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Live To Respect The Living

"The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.”- Arthur Schopenhauer.

All living creatures may it be human beings or animals means life to me and this is the reason why I am involved in several activities that are focussed on animal welfare in respect to animal cruelty. I Kislay Pandey respects life and believes that life is once and should be lived with respect. No human being has the right to harm any other living creature for his own benefit, so animal cruelty should be controlled and checked in every respect and by using peaceful means. I like to educate people for noble causes so that internal peace and harmony can be brought upon in the nation. 

I am associated with many groups that fight for the rights of animals under and I am quite optimistic that everything that looks like and means exploitation can be fully controlled with efforts, education and revolution. Animals are the innocent creatures of the God anybody who tries to harm them should be punished hard so that an example could be set for others. Exploitation of any kind is one thing that he cannot bear and wants to completely abolish it no matter how hard it might be. This thought of modifying our country makes me much more passionate towards achieving the goal and gives me the courage, power to fight for the rights of animals.

I am all against the popular belief which advocates that animal circuses provide cultural enrichment or environmental conservation and promotes activities like poaching, captivity, and cruel practices. I practice and promulgate the belief that treating animal differently just because of their different species morally wrong. They too have right to live free from any type of oppression and confinement by humans.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Solidarity Of Purpose Can Make The Region Perfect Place To Live

The recent initiative of Saarc members to exhibit solidarity of purpose for a very serious and alarming issue that is fight against terrorism is really sound as unity of purpose. Terrorism and transnational organised crimes are the two widely prevailed crisis before the world are consistently causing unbearable human and monetary losses. The establishment of Saarc Terrorism Offences Monitoring Desk  is the result of their unified results to counter against terrorism in the SAARC region.

Fight against corruption was also the agenda of the recent SAARC summit and emphasis was laid on dealing with human trafficking and illegal trade of narcotics. Terrorism, extremism and radicalism are interlinked which break harmony and tolerance. Similarly, terrorism is the mother of human trafficking, narcotics trade and cross border crimes in South Asia which is one of the most populated region of the world.

New government at Centre in India and revival of democracy in Pakistan and Nepal ignited the hope among the member nations. The hope to bring back peace and cultural harmony in the region and the hope to resuscitate peace dialogues between the member nations. Regional cooperation and solidarity of purpose are the most sought after goals of SAARC in the present scenario. SAARC is an effective platform to garner regional cooperation and promoting regional peace in the South Asia.

With the birth of globalisation and advent of IT the dependency of one nation on its neighbouring country has increased tremendously and failure of one country in countering terrorism and other cross border activities can disturb the peace activities in the entire region. To promote regional peace the death of terrorism should be the dream of all the member countries which is only possible through firm dedication, mutual support and unified laws to treat terrorists. If things go perfectly well we will soon find the SAARC region a Visa free zone to travel and trade.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Learning Is Experience Not Process

Human brain perceive and observe things when external stimuli activate the brain to respond an action or better say experience. One cannot force a teetotaller for alcohol because it is neither his/her need nor the demand. Same happens with learning and acquisition of knowledge and a teacher cannot compel his/her students for learning without generating the need of learning among the students. A good teacher is one who stimulate students' brain cells and they immediately seek an answer for their unsolved queries and puzzles. A good teacher is one who create a task, not a lecture, who shares logics not philosophy and who deliver solutions not lessons. Socrates who is known as one of the wisest men on planet earth is also considered as the best teacher to propagate the need of true knowledge and he never relied on mere lectures in imparting the knowledge. His pedagogy was based on lively discussions, debates and discourses and following this approach he instigated the minds of millions of people who are carrying forward the researches once initiated by the great Socrates 2400 years ago. From the pedagogy of Socrates we can also infer that true knowledge is not confined to theories and doctrines, one need to be more experimental in exploring the knowledge, finding the facts and unearthing the secrets of the universe.
A good teacher always project a textbook as a section of one's life and induces pupil to extract solutions of their puzzles. A good teacher must be able to understand the purpose of a lesson or test and how it is going to be useful in the present and future life of an student. He/she should not be rigid about the solutions he/she is going to share with the students, there is always a valid probability of different interpretations of the same subject by different students, here a teacher should be open to listen students and proactive in appreciating their efforts. In brief, a good teacher always makes learning a participatory experience and in this effort a teacher should be fair enough to justify the  reasons in learning a topic/subject as learning is an experience it is not a mundane process it is an out and out live experience.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Japan And India - The Two Powerful Friends

Indo-Japan relations improved drastically in the last few years. Asia's two great economic powers have been constantly improving the political and economic relationship which is good sign regional prosperity in Asia. Not only trade and economics, the two countries are focusing on cooperation in energy, science & technology, infrastructure, health, cyber security, tourism and many other areas of mutual interest. Besides, India, Japan and US are engaged in a Trilateral Dialogue on security issues since November 2011. 

From time immemorial, India-Japan relationship is known for strong cultural tie-ups. Buddhism is considered as the strongest linchpin to connect the two countries. During India's independence struggle Japan was the strategic base for Subhash Chandra Bose and in courtesy, Indian National Army fought under the Japanese Imperial Army against the British forces in the second world war. Both India and Japan are peace loving countries and that is why people of these two nations respect one and other. Japan is a big trade partner of India, electronic products and automobiles of the Japanese companies appeals very much to the quality conscious Indian people. In fact, Japanese firms see India a great market for their products, they never hesitate to invest in India. Similarly, Japan too is an attractive market for Indian firms, especially in textile, apparels, gems and jewellery and food businesses.

In 2006, that time India's premier visited the Japan and signed "Joint Statement Towards Japan-India Strategic and Global Partnership". Japan has helped India in building many flagship infrastructure projects in India, prominent among these projects is Delhi Metro. These days the newly appointed PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi is on Japan's visit and experts believe that this visit will definitely strengthen the relationship between the two countries and shall open new vistas of friendship treaties and techno-economic agreements. Japan already confirmed a USD 35 billion investment in India's investment projects, days ahead will be full of optimism and strong bonding will prevail between Asia's two biggest economies, this is the ultimate wish of all and opinion of majority.