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Monday, 8 September 2014

Learning Is Experience Not Process

Human brain perceive and observe things when external stimuli activate the brain to respond an action or better say experience. One cannot force a teetotaller for alcohol because it is neither his/her need nor the demand. Same happens with learning and acquisition of knowledge and a teacher cannot compel his/her students for learning without generating the need of learning among the students. A good teacher is one who stimulate students' brain cells and they immediately seek an answer for their unsolved queries and puzzles. A good teacher is one who create a task, not a lecture, who shares logics not philosophy and who deliver solutions not lessons. Socrates who is known as one of the wisest men on planet earth is also considered as the best teacher to propagate the need of true knowledge and he never relied on mere lectures in imparting the knowledge. His pedagogy was based on lively discussions, debates and discourses and following this approach he instigated the minds of millions of people who are carrying forward the researches once initiated by the great Socrates 2400 years ago. From the pedagogy of Socrates we can also infer that true knowledge is not confined to theories and doctrines, one need to be more experimental in exploring the knowledge, finding the facts and unearthing the secrets of the universe.
A good teacher always project a textbook as a section of one's life and induces pupil to extract solutions of their puzzles. A good teacher must be able to understand the purpose of a lesson or test and how it is going to be useful in the present and future life of an student. He/she should not be rigid about the solutions he/she is going to share with the students, there is always a valid probability of different interpretations of the same subject by different students, here a teacher should be open to listen students and proactive in appreciating their efforts. In brief, a good teacher always makes learning a participatory experience and in this effort a teacher should be fair enough to justify the  reasons in learning a topic/subject as learning is an experience it is not a mundane process it is an out and out live experience.

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