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Monday, 22 September 2014

Solidarity Of Purpose Can Make The Region Perfect Place To Live

The recent initiative of Saarc members to exhibit solidarity of purpose for a very serious and alarming issue that is fight against terrorism is really sound as unity of purpose. Terrorism and transnational organised crimes are the two widely prevailed crisis before the world are consistently causing unbearable human and monetary losses. The establishment of Saarc Terrorism Offences Monitoring Desk  is the result of their unified results to counter against terrorism in the SAARC region.

Fight against corruption was also the agenda of the recent SAARC summit and emphasis was laid on dealing with human trafficking and illegal trade of narcotics. Terrorism, extremism and radicalism are interlinked which break harmony and tolerance. Similarly, terrorism is the mother of human trafficking, narcotics trade and cross border crimes in South Asia which is one of the most populated region of the world.

New government at Centre in India and revival of democracy in Pakistan and Nepal ignited the hope among the member nations. The hope to bring back peace and cultural harmony in the region and the hope to resuscitate peace dialogues between the member nations. Regional cooperation and solidarity of purpose are the most sought after goals of SAARC in the present scenario. SAARC is an effective platform to garner regional cooperation and promoting regional peace in the South Asia.

With the birth of globalisation and advent of IT the dependency of one nation on its neighbouring country has increased tremendously and failure of one country in countering terrorism and other cross border activities can disturb the peace activities in the entire region. To promote regional peace the death of terrorism should be the dream of all the member countries which is only possible through firm dedication, mutual support and unified laws to treat terrorists. If things go perfectly well we will soon find the SAARC region a Visa free zone to travel and trade.

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