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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Role of Property Dispute Advocates in DLF land Acquisition Controversy

We live in cynical times and any reference to probity in political and social life evokes only derision and an admonition to “get real.” Nevertheless, the times demand of Property dispute Advocates now more than ever before to reflect a policy or action they should think of how it would impact on the poorest of the poor. According to a survey conducted by global consultancy firm KPMG the Real estate and construction sector has been subjected to epidemic of corruption in India. Political intervention, huge projects, large capital investments, multi-level approvals and complex processes give immense opportunity for corruption thereby entitling the Property dispute lawyers as the savior.
 Property Matter Advocate Among the innumerable real estate debauchery manhandled by Property dispute lawyers The
DLF – Robert Vadra issue is presently prime concern for both politicians and common man. The limelight projects towards the bulk of the property purchases accounting to 31 properties, mostly in New Delhi and peripheral areas worth over Rs 300 crore, this expense have been indirectly bourne by an unsecured interest-free loan from DLF Ltd. However the cookie for Property dispute Advocate community is that the so called real estate giant DLF apprehensively risks extending interest-free loans worth Rs 65 crore in-spite of Rs 22,000 crore loan to its name furthermore at an interest of 15%. The focus of the debate on the Robert Vadra-DLF real estate dealings has been on the legality of the transactions but also the price that is far below the market price and thereby again appealing to the Property dispute lawyers for exploitation concerns. 

According to legal gurus Ram Jethmalani and Rajeev Dhavan the law may demand a direct nexus to a quid pro quo for corruption to be established but propriety makes a greater demand: that no personal benefit of a financial nature is derived on account of such a relationship. However the inquisitive mass questioned the ‘quid pro quo’ for DLF It is still important to ascertain if any laws were violated and sought an independent investigation into the allegation.

On the other hand Property dispute lawyers defending this transaction insist that no evidence has come forth to show illegality. While any loan is a contractual agreement between two or more parties accompanied by an interest at the time of payback, a business advance is usually not a contractual pact and mostly there’s no interest attached to it. As per the legal description of a property dispute lawyer a loan could be given against a security from the borrower, owing to the business advances usually practiced in the industry, an unsecured loan cannot be ruled out as completely illegitimate and therefore shouldn’t probe any further enquiry on the same context.

Notions of propriety have changed since our freedom movement and the early years of our independence. The matters of real estate absurdity and the revelations followed since past few years, convinced property dispute advocates accepting the fact that our polity and society have travelled since that time, unfortunately, in the wrong direction.

Monday, 24 November 2014

A Brief Framework of Property Disputes – Role of a Property Disputes Lawyer - Kislay Pandey

A property dispute lawyer is called in to resolve matters of the property. Property Dispute refers to any dispute concerning real property (such as a house, condo, apartment etc.). They may involve a range of different issues and several different parties. These issues may be one or all of the following;
  • Agreement Disputes  Boundary Disputes
  •  Dispute over division of property
  • Dispute over Property Rights
  •   Mortgage Disputes etc.
Property Law is the area of Law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property. Property Disputes are a common occurrence in India. For thousands of years property remains one of the primary reasons that tear apart families.  Every year Property Dispute cases and cases concerning Property Matters cover a very large part of our legal claims.  These disputes can be because of a variety of reasons. A dispute between neighbors or between owners and tenants can arise from the most insignificant of issues. It could be as petty as a neighbor encroaching on your space by crossing a boundary.

Protecting one’s right to property in India can be a serious challenge. The ignorance on the part of the buyers, investors, purchasers regarding purchase of property can be summoned as a major reason for disputes relating to Property Matters. Another reason for property disputes in this country can be attributed to a miss in adherence to the rules in the legal documents under which all real estate transactions are executed. Such a slip leads to misunderstandings, different interpretations and litigations. The sheer number of Property dispute cases goes on show that scrutiny and drafting of various legal property documents are major areas of concern as well as improvement. Most of the times it’s the failure on the part of the people to take extra care to trace the ownership of such a property that leads to various forms of litigation. 

A Property Dispute Lawyer will make an accurate assessment of your concern and advise you on the solutions available to you which will be peculiar to your situation within the Indian Legal Framework. A Property Matter Advocate also offers Legal advice and assistance on how to validate or clear title proofs for a property. And apart from the damages, compensations and injunctions that may be issued as remedies to such a dispute, a case on Property matters can put a hindrance on the title of the property, which means the property will not be marketable, if there is an ongoing, unresolved dispute around it. Thus every Property dispute needs to be handled in a specific way and no two are same and the issue needs to be resolved before the property can be put up for sale.
Regardless of who or how many parties there are to the dispute, Property Dispute Advocate is indispensable for these kinds of cases. They provide you Legal Advice, guidance and representation throughout the duration of the proceeding.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Land Disputes and Corruption Matters Advocates-Kislay Pandey

Land dispute has been a matter of concern since the time of human settlement which has only become evident in the recent past which has displayed the separation of family members in numerous cases all over the country. Not only that, due to growing financial differences among communities, land has become a common target of people who use unfair means to acquire it since real estate yields lump sum profits.

The ever growing population has clearly shown settlement as a matter of concern only to throw people in the mess of antagonizing each other for even a spot of land. People who have invested in real estate often find their plots or flats being illegally occupied by folks as a result of a third party involvement. Brokers and property dealers often crave for an opportunity to deceive their clients which results in severe cases.

Land disputes urgently needs corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers to work towards putting an end to it. There are hundreds of cases of land disputes filed every year which are kept pending, as a result of which many people are either homeless or lose huge sums of money in these cases. The validity and power of corruption matters lawyers and corruption matters advocates are often questioned when serious cases of land disputes occupy the media.

The increasing land disputes add to the already heaped reasons of conflict between individuals and between communities. Such cases also see the already existing financial disparities being highlighted. People who are financially marginalized often lose the favorable position in spite of not being guilty. This is for the simple fact that people possessing huge amount of money tend to bribe the attorneys. Thus, unbiased corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers are assets in such cases.

If we take the example of Delhi, number of suburbs like Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad are developing at a rate unbelievable. Every day the FM radio airs ads for people to book their flats, apartments or farm houses in advanced in these suburbs. And many a times, people book these only to find themselves in the trap of either fraud property dealers or cunning landlords. As the matter of fact remains, the involvement of the corruption matters advocates in Delhi have to come into the forefront as an immediate remedy to solve cases of land disputes. If not, then the best corruption matters advocates in India should treat such cases as matters of utmost urgency and solve them without delaying them further. The society has already been divided into segments uncountable. The efforts at the moment should be targeted towards removing as many of these segments as possible to bring not only harmony but also justice. And land disputes taken at any moment, is a matter which requires urgent attention.

By Kislay Pandey

Supreme Court Advocate

Friday, 7 November 2014

How Can the Best Corruption Matters Advocates in India be Immensely Efficient?- Kislay Pandey Supreme Court Advocate

The important question lies, in a society where unfavorable social matters are evident and frequent, in the fact that how can the best corruption matters advocates in India be helpful in tackling with issues to which the society stands vulnerable. Since, the legal framework of any country is regarded as supreme, the ones who make the law or practice it should utilize it to the fullest without bring partial to bring stability at possible levels in the society. The answer to the aforementioned question can be analyzed under the heads discussed in the article hereafter.

Decrease in crime rates
The best corruption matters advocates in India are capable of reducing crime rates if the cases of criminal offence which they handle are not allowed to delay. The famous quote "justice delayed is justice denied" stands solid in matters which are kept pending by lawyers and advocates, especially in cases regarding crimes. Any negligence regarding cases of crimes should not be tolerated by the judiciary or by the government.

Corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers play a vital role in revealing scams and punishing the guilty if at all they work with an unbiased nature. The legal right of digging every scam to the core and leaving no stone unturned is only possessed by lawyers and advocates whose genuine and corrupt-free participation can benefit the country to a great extent.

Matters of political influence
In matters where political leaders tend to impose their influence on others, the best corruption matters advocates in India can clearly show them the path by the law and make their political influence stand futile. Many corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers tend to get carried away by these political leaders which can be of a great disadvantage to the country at large.

Every system functions by rules and regulations. The constitution of India for example itself says that every citizen must abide by the laws laid out in the constitution. But the matter of fact unfortunately remains that people with power tend to malign the very purpose of these laws for their vested interests and thus the validity of laws falls apart. The responsibility thus lies on the lawyers and advocates in constantly challenging the ones who try to distort the laws. For example, in December 2013 in Delhi, the gang-rape case which shook the entire country saw the justice being delayed. Had the top corruption matters lawyers in Delhi pledged to punish the guilty as soon as possible, it would have been utterly fair. The need of the hour is thus to make the society stress less by addressing matters of utmost concern and in which corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers play a very important role.

By Kislay Pandey
Supreme Court Advocate

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Corruption Matters Lawyers on “Black Money”-Kislay Pandey

The term “black money” has been repeatedly used by critics in media with respect to monetary properties acquired by individuals by fraud means. As the matter of fact remains, India has always been in the spotlight when it comes to revealing Swiss bank account holders with savings unimaginable. Not only that, power and corrupt individuals have been revealed with detailed black money history within the country itself.
Corruption matters advocates play an important role in checking issues of black money. The recent appeal of the Supreme Court to the government to submit the names of the Swiss bank account holders show the ultimate power of the law to check issues of utmost urgency. A country with efficient corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers, thus a strong jurisdiction always stands still!

It is a human tendency, a psychological one, to aspire for more and more. This theory can also be applied in terms of black money. Black money is basically the money earned by individuals apart from the salary that they deserve or the money earned by unfair means, the act of which can be termed as “corruption”. When an individual comes to power, he falls into uncountable traps and rather than erasing these traps he tends to utilize them to the fullest, hence, practices corruption. Therefore, his sources of acquiring unfair wealth increases and he becomes richer.

Corruption matters advocates and lawyers: Need of the hour
The need of the hour is to appoint efficient officials to immediately check the matters of black money. The government needs to appoint the best corruption matters advocates in India in order to ultimately solve the issues of black money. This wealth can instead be used for better purposes which would contribute towards the growth of the country. In a city like Delhi, which inspite of being the capital witnesses all possible black money matters, the top corruption matters lawyers in Delhi and the most efficient corruption matters advocates in Delhi should be appointed to check the same.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and black money of the richer individuals contributes to a great extent in this regard. The government with the legal framework of the country should together come forward and mark an end to the ongoing process of acquiring black money and should regulate the salary of each and every citizen including the political leaders and bureaucrats. The root cause of all social evils is differences and black money for that matter is divisive to bits which if not checked cannot lead to a stable social or economic structure. The requirement is nothing but corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers to solve the issue of black money and bring about a regulation in the salaries of all the workers in India.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Corruption Matters: Advocates and lawyers towards it

The root cause of corruption, when analyzed at various levels, is found to be nothing but the lack of transparency. Transparency in organizations and institutions irrespective of these being legal, political or otherwise is inevitable to reduce the intensity of corruption matters that India witnesses today. The efficiency of the largest democracy- India is often questioned by critics of the most rational intellect. The need of the hour hence is greater transparency, with contributions of lawyers and advocates, that would lead to a lesser corrupt nation altogether!

India against corruption
The notion of vigilance exists since time immemorial in India but only its practice has been lately distorted. Corruption matters can be checked best by police, lawyers and advocates. Some famous thinker had once said, change starts at home, which evidently means to eradicate corruption one does not have to change the system, instead, a change within the minds of all the individuals who comprise the system would lead to a change in the system automatically. The case of India is similar. What we need is not a corrupt-free India but corrupt-free Indians. There are a few powerful people in the system practicing corruption at all possible levels and are followed by people who practice it at lower levels and thus the hierarchy is formed. The most powerful device to fight this is transparency. And transparency shall uncover their masquerades leading to a corrupt-free country. With joint efforts, corruption matters can be solved to a great extent by the best lawyers and top advocates of the country.
Delhi against corruption
The capital, Delhi, has always been accused of being the hotspot of corruption in the country. This cannot be denied. The capital urgently needs to practice the policy of transparency in order to check corruption matters. The contribution of advocates and lawyers is very vital in this regard. Any change in the system can be brought by the efforts of the legal framework and thus, a major share of the responsibility of making Delhi a corrupt-free state lies on the shoulders of the advocates and lawyers of Delhi. It cannot be denied that political leaders have immense power and they tend to use their influence for vested interests, but also the power of jurisdiction cannot be neglected. Thus, the combined efforts of the advocates, lawyers, leaders and citizens can make Delhi a corrupt-free capital.

Lawyers, advocates and corruption

Lawyers and advocates in India are among the best in the entire world. Apart from police forces, lawyers play a very important role in carrying out surveys of vigilance in a state or a country. Any complaint or case filed against an individual for charges of corruption gives lawyers the power to dig the case to the core and publish all details if the person is found guilty. This power of lawyers can assure great transparency. Advocates for that matter are also assets to the society in advocating issues relating to corruption and thus assuring transparency in the society. A society where the actions and plans of organizations and institutions are as transparent as possible would face corruption to the lowest level imaginable!