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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Role of Property Dispute Advocates in DLF land Acquisition Controversy

We live in cynical times and any reference to probity in political and social life evokes only derision and an admonition to “get real.” Nevertheless, the times demand of Property dispute Advocates now more than ever before to reflect a policy or action they should think of how it would impact on the poorest of the poor. According to a survey conducted by global consultancy firm KPMG the Real estate and construction sector has been subjected to epidemic of corruption in India. Political intervention, huge projects, large capital investments, multi-level approvals and complex processes give immense opportunity for corruption thereby entitling the Property dispute lawyers as the savior.
 Property Matter Advocate Among the innumerable real estate debauchery manhandled by Property dispute lawyers The
DLF – Robert Vadra issue is presently prime concern for both politicians and common man. The limelight projects towards the bulk of the property purchases accounting to 31 properties, mostly in New Delhi and peripheral areas worth over Rs 300 crore, this expense have been indirectly bourne by an unsecured interest-free loan from DLF Ltd. However the cookie for Property dispute Advocate community is that the so called real estate giant DLF apprehensively risks extending interest-free loans worth Rs 65 crore in-spite of Rs 22,000 crore loan to its name furthermore at an interest of 15%. The focus of the debate on the Robert Vadra-DLF real estate dealings has been on the legality of the transactions but also the price that is far below the market price and thereby again appealing to the Property dispute lawyers for exploitation concerns. 

According to legal gurus Ram Jethmalani and Rajeev Dhavan the law may demand a direct nexus to a quid pro quo for corruption to be established but propriety makes a greater demand: that no personal benefit of a financial nature is derived on account of such a relationship. However the inquisitive mass questioned the ‘quid pro quo’ for DLF It is still important to ascertain if any laws were violated and sought an independent investigation into the allegation.

On the other hand Property dispute lawyers defending this transaction insist that no evidence has come forth to show illegality. While any loan is a contractual agreement between two or more parties accompanied by an interest at the time of payback, a business advance is usually not a contractual pact and mostly there’s no interest attached to it. As per the legal description of a property dispute lawyer a loan could be given against a security from the borrower, owing to the business advances usually practiced in the industry, an unsecured loan cannot be ruled out as completely illegitimate and therefore shouldn’t probe any further enquiry on the same context.

Notions of propriety have changed since our freedom movement and the early years of our independence. The matters of real estate absurdity and the revelations followed since past few years, convinced property dispute advocates accepting the fact that our polity and society have travelled since that time, unfortunately, in the wrong direction.

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