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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Corruption Matters Lawyers on “Black Money”-Kislay Pandey

The term “black money” has been repeatedly used by critics in media with respect to monetary properties acquired by individuals by fraud means. As the matter of fact remains, India has always been in the spotlight when it comes to revealing Swiss bank account holders with savings unimaginable. Not only that, power and corrupt individuals have been revealed with detailed black money history within the country itself.
Corruption matters advocates play an important role in checking issues of black money. The recent appeal of the Supreme Court to the government to submit the names of the Swiss bank account holders show the ultimate power of the law to check issues of utmost urgency. A country with efficient corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers, thus a strong jurisdiction always stands still!

It is a human tendency, a psychological one, to aspire for more and more. This theory can also be applied in terms of black money. Black money is basically the money earned by individuals apart from the salary that they deserve or the money earned by unfair means, the act of which can be termed as “corruption”. When an individual comes to power, he falls into uncountable traps and rather than erasing these traps he tends to utilize them to the fullest, hence, practices corruption. Therefore, his sources of acquiring unfair wealth increases and he becomes richer.

Corruption matters advocates and lawyers: Need of the hour
The need of the hour is to appoint efficient officials to immediately check the matters of black money. The government needs to appoint the best corruption matters advocates in India in order to ultimately solve the issues of black money. This wealth can instead be used for better purposes which would contribute towards the growth of the country. In a city like Delhi, which inspite of being the capital witnesses all possible black money matters, the top corruption matters lawyers in Delhi and the most efficient corruption matters advocates in Delhi should be appointed to check the same.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and black money of the richer individuals contributes to a great extent in this regard. The government with the legal framework of the country should together come forward and mark an end to the ongoing process of acquiring black money and should regulate the salary of each and every citizen including the political leaders and bureaucrats. The root cause of all social evils is differences and black money for that matter is divisive to bits which if not checked cannot lead to a stable social or economic structure. The requirement is nothing but corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers to solve the issue of black money and bring about a regulation in the salaries of all the workers in India.

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