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Monday, 24 November 2014

A Brief Framework of Property Disputes – Role of a Property Disputes Lawyer - Kislay Pandey

A property dispute lawyer is called in to resolve matters of the property. Property Dispute refers to any dispute concerning real property (such as a house, condo, apartment etc.). They may involve a range of different issues and several different parties. These issues may be one or all of the following;
  • Agreement Disputes  Boundary Disputes
  •  Dispute over division of property
  • Dispute over Property Rights
  •   Mortgage Disputes etc.
Property Law is the area of Law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property. Property Disputes are a common occurrence in India. For thousands of years property remains one of the primary reasons that tear apart families.  Every year Property Dispute cases and cases concerning Property Matters cover a very large part of our legal claims.  These disputes can be because of a variety of reasons. A dispute between neighbors or between owners and tenants can arise from the most insignificant of issues. It could be as petty as a neighbor encroaching on your space by crossing a boundary.

Protecting one’s right to property in India can be a serious challenge. The ignorance on the part of the buyers, investors, purchasers regarding purchase of property can be summoned as a major reason for disputes relating to Property Matters. Another reason for property disputes in this country can be attributed to a miss in adherence to the rules in the legal documents under which all real estate transactions are executed. Such a slip leads to misunderstandings, different interpretations and litigations. The sheer number of Property dispute cases goes on show that scrutiny and drafting of various legal property documents are major areas of concern as well as improvement. Most of the times it’s the failure on the part of the people to take extra care to trace the ownership of such a property that leads to various forms of litigation. 

A Property Dispute Lawyer will make an accurate assessment of your concern and advise you on the solutions available to you which will be peculiar to your situation within the Indian Legal Framework. A Property Matter Advocate also offers Legal advice and assistance on how to validate or clear title proofs for a property. And apart from the damages, compensations and injunctions that may be issued as remedies to such a dispute, a case on Property matters can put a hindrance on the title of the property, which means the property will not be marketable, if there is an ongoing, unresolved dispute around it. Thus every Property dispute needs to be handled in a specific way and no two are same and the issue needs to be resolved before the property can be put up for sale.
Regardless of who or how many parties there are to the dispute, Property Dispute Advocate is indispensable for these kinds of cases. They provide you Legal Advice, guidance and representation throughout the duration of the proceeding.


  1. Land acquisition are the most complicated matters these days.

  2. Daily there are new laws coming on the land and property from government there is need that lawyers are aware of these new laws.