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Monday, 28 April 2014

Banks Should improve Security System

Lack of coordination between private security of banks and police department leading to frequent cases of robbery both inside and outside the bank. Another security concern is the inappropriate usage of security equipments, as despite of CCTV Cameras and security guards people have been robbed at various places.

In a recent incidence, a man inside the bank bamboozled a person and took away Rs. 45,000. At the time of monitoring the footage there was everything except the face of the deceiver.
The stranger diverted his attention by claiming that some of the currency notes he was carrying were fake while he was filling the deposit slip. The victim requested him to take a look at the currency notes and he obliged. A few moments later, the suspect returned the bundle of notes claiming that they were genuine. However, when the victim went to deposit the cash, teller asked him to give Rs. 45,000 more as per the amount mentioned in the deposit slip. While the cameras contained the footage of the suspect, his face was not clearly visible due to camera angles.

In another incidence an ex-Army man easily robbed ten banks, he learnt robbery techniques like using a gas cutter during his rigorous training in Army. He served the Army for 7 years, he would cut safes in banks using the gas cutter. He was arrested by the police from Sohan in Himachal Pradesh after he fled with Rs 36.46 lakh from a UCO bank branch in Sheopur. During police interrogation, he unveiled that he had robbed 9 banks before UCO bank.
Not only robberies and snatchings, banks these days are also facing various problems like fake identities, counterfeit cheques and diversion in the route of online transactions by internet hackers. To sort out all such problems banks need to review their security system and a collaborative security mechanism is required between the police and banks' private security. 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Beware of Virtual Billionaires

Being human we all are tempted to money, fame, luxury and even affluent foreigners. It is the tendency of many people that they wittingly or unwittingly prefer an association with rich and famous people and we Indians often become the prey of some deceptive foreign individuals who seek our favour just to befool or dupe us. Virtual Media or simply cyber world is a potent platform for such types of imposters and our irrational approach often push us to entrap ourselves in their frames.

Recently a Nigerian citizen in his late 20s impressed a school teacher by his deceptive identity and false emotions. The man who projected himself as a British billionaire in his FB profile was quite professional in enticing the girls from middle class families in India and then taking financial favours from them through emotional discussions.

The girl, a private teacher got trapped  when the Nigerain guy posed himself as a billionaire from London. Initially, the teacher got impressed with narratives of his self proclaimed charity for the underprivileged across the world. Later on, their conversations got personal and the Nigerian male proposed her for the  marriage and said that he would visit India.

A person posing as airport customs officer, called from a landline number in Delhi. To make sure that the parcel worth close to Rs 50 lakh reached her, she was asked to pay Rs 2.3 lakh towards import duty to Central Board of Excise and Customs. Nigerian guy on the other hand promised to refund the money on meeting the teacher.

She deposited the money in the account numbers provided to her over email and waited for weeks for the parcel, or her friend to arrive. What happened then? You are intelligent enough to predict the end. Here, I request all to show this smart behaviour while interacting with strangers on online social media to protect yourself from the fake virtual billionaires.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

On April 21, Nation will Celebrate Ninth Civil Services Day

The three strong pillars of our country; Legislative body, judiciary and Executive body help the nation to meets its social, economical and administrative goals. Civil servants which are the part of Executive machinery performs all the bureaucratic operations, administration of law and order and they also coordinate with Legislative and Judiciary in a variety of administrative matters.

From land revenue to foreign services and tax administration to crime control they serve the nation in almost every department. Its roots goes to the British system which went through timely reviews, revisions and selection and procedural amendments. One of the most sought-after and reputed public service departments the aspirants of Civil Services make all efforts to compete the examination and UPSC selects only about a thousand deserving candidates from millions of competent. In fact this prestigious job is really a matter of great honour for people who are determined to serve the nation with their potential skills.

They accept challenges, face criticism and tough opposition from the perpetrators and criminals. Sometimes political parties harass them with their irrational and vested
decisions, these politicians do every bit to influence their actions but their strong commitment and loyalty towards the nation stimulate them to fight again all odds, and place the interest of the nation on the top of their priority. These un-sung undaunted heroes and true patriot even sacrifice their lives to safe-guard the interests of our nation.

The purpose of observing the Civil Services Day is not only to give them due rewards and recognitions through honouring them with awards and medals. The holistic approach behind this special day is to introspect their services towards the nation, need analysis to assess shortcomings and taking concrete and effective measures to improve the overall functioning. As, there is always an scope for the betterment. Besides this, it is an occasion and opportunity for civil servants to reaffirm their collective commitments, both towards the nation and citizens of independent India. Being a Supreme Court of India advocate and being a proud citizen of the motherland I congratulate these civil servants on this special occasion and I wish they will serve the nation with full of zeal, enthusiasm and sincerity in future too.

                                                                 Jai Hind

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Women's Security in India

From time immemorial the other half of Indian society; the softest target of atrocities, means women are the most vulnerable creature of God in the land of Sita and Parvati. From forceful Sati System to tactful deprivation of from the property rights, women in all ages remained the easiest prey of men's dominance and lust.
Even in the so called era of women liberalisation, majority of them are scared, unsecured and silent. We believe in equality and our constitution encompasses variety of laws to protect women and safeguard their interests, but the frequent cases of rape, molestation, dowry death, work place harassment and domestic violence push us to re-think over existing laws and security measures for women safety.

To rectify the deplorable system proper execution of laws along with timely punishment of the offenders is the prime need of our judicial system. To achieve this formation of fast track courts for daily hearings, recruitment of women in the police force and availability of qualified and experienced lawyers are the highly sought-after inputs in this regard. There is also an emergent need of reforms in our legal system, like there should be non-bailable imprisonment for people indulge in atrocities and human trafficking. Article 376 of India constitution which allow maximum imprisonment of ten years for rapists should be converted into death penalty to suppress the perpetrator of crime. Apart from this, there must be allocation of woman personnel for women living in trauma after having the unwanted incidence.

Those who are victims of the crime should be economically as well as socially helped by the state and government agencies for their rehabilitation and should motivate them to lead their lives independently and with dignity.  All in all, we need to bring desired changes in a planned and holistic manner to ensure their rights, freedom and above physical and emotional safety. After all, we are the propagators of equality and we have to prove this with our actions.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Youth and their Power to Influence General Election 2014.

In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections all the political parties are eyeing on the youth. A long list of first time voters is added for this election. The youth account for 34 per cent of India's population and most of them are between 18 to 22 years of age. Huge population which was considered as a great liability in the past, now emerged as the valuable assets and reason of countries socio-economic growth.  The significant share of youth in this invaluable asset can become a turning point to the nation's growth.

This year 1.79 lakh new voters on an average in each constituency are not only going to decide the fate of many candidates, but in a broader sense they are going to shape the future of India, our beloved country. In this era, empowered youth can transform whole political scenario and above all governance in the country. The responsibility of the Future India lies over the shoulders of these energetic youth. They have knowledge, spirit, passion and above all courage to revamp the things. Article 19,1(a) of Indian Constitution signifies the importance of voting right and dictates how essential is this powerful tool in electing a representative as per the choice of majority.

An educated class, especially youth can visualise the things in a broader manner, they can scrutinise the things using their knowledge and intellect and they can foresee the growing demands of the nation. Only an educated person can differentiate between right and wrong and can be instrumental in judgements.

The advent of social media becomes a powerful platform to connect the youth. The tech-savvy generation is effectively using this media to share, exchange and generate ideas and tactics. They are capable enough to promote an ideology on the mass level and they can really change the mindset of the people with a speed of light.

Every Indian patriot should understand the need of the hour, a drastic change is required to manage the messed political system, corrupt administration and unstable economic growth and for this active participation of youth is gravely sought-after by the whole nation.

Jai Hind