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Sunday, 20 April 2014

On April 21, Nation will Celebrate Ninth Civil Services Day

The three strong pillars of our country; Legislative body, judiciary and Executive body help the nation to meets its social, economical and administrative goals. Civil servants which are the part of Executive machinery performs all the bureaucratic operations, administration of law and order and they also coordinate with Legislative and Judiciary in a variety of administrative matters.

From land revenue to foreign services and tax administration to crime control they serve the nation in almost every department. Its roots goes to the British system which went through timely reviews, revisions and selection and procedural amendments. One of the most sought-after and reputed public service departments the aspirants of Civil Services make all efforts to compete the examination and UPSC selects only about a thousand deserving candidates from millions of competent. In fact this prestigious job is really a matter of great honour for people who are determined to serve the nation with their potential skills.

They accept challenges, face criticism and tough opposition from the perpetrators and criminals. Sometimes political parties harass them with their irrational and vested
decisions, these politicians do every bit to influence their actions but their strong commitment and loyalty towards the nation stimulate them to fight again all odds, and place the interest of the nation on the top of their priority. These un-sung undaunted heroes and true patriot even sacrifice their lives to safe-guard the interests of our nation.

The purpose of observing the Civil Services Day is not only to give them due rewards and recognitions through honouring them with awards and medals. The holistic approach behind this special day is to introspect their services towards the nation, need analysis to assess shortcomings and taking concrete and effective measures to improve the overall functioning. As, there is always an scope for the betterment. Besides this, it is an occasion and opportunity for civil servants to reaffirm their collective commitments, both towards the nation and citizens of independent India. Being a Supreme Court of India advocate and being a proud citizen of the motherland I congratulate these civil servants on this special occasion and I wish they will serve the nation with full of zeal, enthusiasm and sincerity in future too.

                                                                 Jai Hind


  1. The civil service system is the backbone of the country.

  2. Civil servants are the bone of the administration.

  3. Civil servants are the guard of the democratic country.

  4. These days the administration is became the puppet of political leaders, which is dangerous for any country.

  5. Government should open the more vacancy in civil services.