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Monday, 28 April 2014

Banks Should improve Security System

Lack of coordination between private security of banks and police department leading to frequent cases of robbery both inside and outside the bank. Another security concern is the inappropriate usage of security equipments, as despite of CCTV Cameras and security guards people have been robbed at various places.

In a recent incidence, a man inside the bank bamboozled a person and took away Rs. 45,000. At the time of monitoring the footage there was everything except the face of the deceiver.
The stranger diverted his attention by claiming that some of the currency notes he was carrying were fake while he was filling the deposit slip. The victim requested him to take a look at the currency notes and he obliged. A few moments later, the suspect returned the bundle of notes claiming that they were genuine. However, when the victim went to deposit the cash, teller asked him to give Rs. 45,000 more as per the amount mentioned in the deposit slip. While the cameras contained the footage of the suspect, his face was not clearly visible due to camera angles.

In another incidence an ex-Army man easily robbed ten banks, he learnt robbery techniques like using a gas cutter during his rigorous training in Army. He served the Army for 7 years, he would cut safes in banks using the gas cutter. He was arrested by the police from Sohan in Himachal Pradesh after he fled with Rs 36.46 lakh from a UCO bank branch in Sheopur. During police interrogation, he unveiled that he had robbed 9 banks before UCO bank.
Not only robberies and snatchings, banks these days are also facing various problems like fake identities, counterfeit cheques and diversion in the route of online transactions by internet hackers. To sort out all such problems banks need to review their security system and a collaborative security mechanism is required between the police and banks' private security. 

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  1. Yes, its very important, our money even not safe in ATM.