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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rising corruption is the main cause of banking disputes

Recently, some unidentified fraudsters credited from the bank account of an Ad. filmmaker while the victim was out of his native town with his family. The filmmaker was surprised and shocked to know that Rs. 26,477 debited from his bank account, he came to know about the transaction through the SMS alert service of his bank. The perplexed account holder reacted in an inquisitive manner, stating that, "It was my company's card which I hold jointly with a colleague. But since I am the one who handles it most of the time, I was taken aback. By the time I could make any sense, messages of more transactions kept coming."

The aggrieved account holder waited for more than three minutes to hear any reply from the bank's customer care executive while he called the customer care department to inquire about the matter, in the mean time he lost another 15,000 rupees. The deceived bank customer couldn't resist his anger as he was receiving messages one after the other while he was still busy in conversation with the customer care executive. He came to know that his bank card had been hacked by an unidentified person in the USA and he is repeatedly making purchases from filmmaker's account. The only positive thing in this episode was that it was still Sunday night in the US and the goods purchased online were not dispatched and delivered instantly.

The fortunate account holder immediately sent mails to the two stores from where the fraudsters had bought perfume, watches and other products. He mentioned in the mail that these transactions were illegal and subsequently called the bank for help. The question arises here. Is it the responsibility of account holders only to protect their bank details? Are banks not responsible to ? Moreover, the account holder came to know that his account has been hacked only after he complained about the incidence. God forbid if the filmmaker would forget to carry his mobile phone then we expect he could find nothing in his account except his name.


  1. Yes this is the major issue now.

  2. Shocking to me! I will change my private password.

  3. My friend is also socked when someone shopping around 10 thousand by her credit card.