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Friday, 30 May 2014

Ganga Our Heritage Our Responsibility

Ganga the heavenly river considered as spiritual heritage to the nation. She is worshiped by Indians since time immemorial. Unfortunately, the holy river is withered by the violent flow of untreated domestic and industrial waste along its banks. We have a divine connection with the holy river because it is an indispensable part of our lives and rituals. Those who love, respect and treat Mother Ganga as Holy Goddess cannot tolerate its malicious exploitation and disrespect. We should not ignore that the highly contaminated water of Ganga is responsible for diseases like typhoid, cholera and amoebic dysentery. It can cause respiratory tract cancer, skin ulcers and renal failure. The exploitation of Ganga is also a great loss to agriculture due to the limited irrigation channels.

To end the human cruelty on the river Ganga we all must stand against the deforestation and should promote plantation both in mountains and plains. We should take collective responsibility for the conservation of glaciers and water bodies in the mountains. To save the Ganga, we should we ready to save the mountains and for this we need government support for regularising the mining activities and banning of illegal construction. It is the collective responsibility of civilians, businesses and governments to generate awareness for the conservation of the Ganga, the effective use of print, electronic, social media is the great need of the time.

Ganga is our national heritage and pride, she is not special for a particular community or society. Therefore, it is the moral and collective responsibility of the all to contribute in the revival of Holy Ganga. Civilians, governments and industries are the three core groups responsible in polluting the Ganga and they all are liable to save and clean the Ganga. A small step of us can bring a big change to the whole nation and of course to the Holy Ganga.

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  1. Ganga is a holy point to every Indian. Let them clean.