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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Youth and their Power to Influence General Election 2014.

In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections all the political parties are eyeing on the youth. A long list of first time voters is added for this election. The youth account for 34 per cent of India's population and most of them are between 18 to 22 years of age. Huge population which was considered as a great liability in the past, now emerged as the valuable assets and reason of countries socio-economic growth.  The significant share of youth in this invaluable asset can become a turning point to the nation's growth.

This year 1.79 lakh new voters on an average in each constituency are not only going to decide the fate of many candidates, but in a broader sense they are going to shape the future of India, our beloved country. In this era, empowered youth can transform whole political scenario and above all governance in the country. The responsibility of the Future India lies over the shoulders of these energetic youth. They have knowledge, spirit, passion and above all courage to revamp the things. Article 19,1(a) of Indian Constitution signifies the importance of voting right and dictates how essential is this powerful tool in electing a representative as per the choice of majority.

An educated class, especially youth can visualise the things in a broader manner, they can scrutinise the things using their knowledge and intellect and they can foresee the growing demands of the nation. Only an educated person can differentiate between right and wrong and can be instrumental in judgements.

The advent of social media becomes a powerful platform to connect the youth. The tech-savvy generation is effectively using this media to share, exchange and generate ideas and tactics. They are capable enough to promote an ideology on the mass level and they can really change the mindset of the people with a speed of light.

Every Indian patriot should understand the need of the hour, a drastic change is required to manage the messed political system, corrupt administration and unstable economic growth and for this active participation of youth is gravely sought-after by the whole nation.

Jai Hind


  1. Yes everybody is trying to attract the youth, but this is very sad that noboday is bother about their future, they just want their vote.

  2. Before giving the vote please gather the information about your candidate, party and their ideology and aware others also.

  3. thanks for this motivational write-up

  4. This Time political party’s Targeting youth for Lok Sabha elections, so they should do something about their future and carrier.

  5. I request all to vote for good candidates.

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  7. Let's wait for the vote results.