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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Women's Security in India

From time immemorial the other half of Indian society; the softest target of atrocities, means women are the most vulnerable creature of God in the land of Sita and Parvati. From forceful Sati System to tactful deprivation of from the property rights, women in all ages remained the easiest prey of men's dominance and lust.
Even in the so called era of women liberalisation, majority of them are scared, unsecured and silent. We believe in equality and our constitution encompasses variety of laws to protect women and safeguard their interests, but the frequent cases of rape, molestation, dowry death, work place harassment and domestic violence push us to re-think over existing laws and security measures for women safety.

To rectify the deplorable system proper execution of laws along with timely punishment of the offenders is the prime need of our judicial system. To achieve this formation of fast track courts for daily hearings, recruitment of women in the police force and availability of qualified and experienced lawyers are the highly sought-after inputs in this regard. There is also an emergent need of reforms in our legal system, like there should be non-bailable imprisonment for people indulge in atrocities and human trafficking. Article 376 of India constitution which allow maximum imprisonment of ten years for rapists should be converted into death penalty to suppress the perpetrator of crime. Apart from this, there must be allocation of woman personnel for women living in trauma after having the unwanted incidence.

Those who are victims of the crime should be economically as well as socially helped by the state and government agencies for their rehabilitation and should motivate them to lead their lives independently and with dignity.  All in all, we need to bring desired changes in a planned and holistic manner to ensure their rights, freedom and above physical and emotional safety. After all, we are the propagators of equality and we have to prove this with our actions.


  1. Women is the best creation of god, respect Her.

  2. Nice and Valuable information.

  3. We need a very special act to punish rapist.

  4. We need good people to sit in parliament and change the law or start new one which can protect each and every women in the country.

  5. If you love your mother,sister,wife and can you hurt others women? Respect them.

  6. We need to teach each and child to respect each other. Well manner can also control such things.