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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Society Stands on Law

“If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.” 
― Winston Churchill
The inevitability of law in a society cannot be questioned, everyone and everything has to abide by some or the other law.  To maintain the balance in the society in all disciplines, there has to be a legal system so that those who err could be punished and a broader message should prevail, which would ultimately remove the fear of power from the minds of the feeble.

Law enables individuals to fight for their rights, from the top brass of an organization to an ordinary employee, if found guilty against the greater good of the society or an individual, could be tried according to the law of land. In all the law-abiding societies of the world, people can plan their lives ahead without any fear & work in safe atmospheres, those who are entrepreneur, can easily do the business in trust. Law empowers everyone to fight for what is right and just, in the fight against corruption & felonies rampant in the societies throughout the globe. From defending us from the evil and promoting common good, law has an array of functions which provide meaning to the very word ‘civilization’. In some places it resolves disputes concerned with limited resources & encourages people to the right things in life.

Law does have its share of criticism too, it is important to learn that numerous voices of criticism are raised against laws which don’t seem to achieve the set goals of common good. The flow of benefits from the existence of law should not be stopped by the observance of law; else the welfare would lose sight to the dark of anarchy. Some people argue that if the law goes into wrong hands, it can become an instrument of evil, a means by which a country’s rulers can rob people of their property and oppress minority groups. If not used as an instrument of evil, it can very well become its accomplice by exploiting public officials from doing what should be done to prevent crime. As the scope of law is too wide, it grants people their important rights and encourages them to exercise them, thereby fosters a culture of destructivity which involves complaint and compensation that alienates people from each other, and discourages people from helping each other, thinking that doing so might result in their being involved in the complex legal processes.

A brutal incident that took place in Delhi during December 2013 is an example, how the fear of law and its misuse has silenced the insights of humanity amongst the common man, when the victims lied on the roads for hours amidst heavy traffic, and nobody stopped for their help in wake of the fear of probable police exploitations. Law should not propagate the feeling of fear amongst the members of the society.  It is true that a fine jurisprudence always has to limit people’s freedom as some of the harms it does could be easily termed as the side effects of the jurisprudence attempting to achieve it set goals but it should not overlook humanity in any case, so as to make fairness prevail in the society.


  1. Yes....I totally agree.... infact for any progressive society, the importance of law and its proper implementation is vital.

  2. Legal system of our country is very weak. Powerful people are taking laws in their hand without any fear. If laws are enforced properly, no one will dare to break laws and this will surely lead to a make balance in the society which is very unstable right now.

  3. Laws are the roots for the balanced development of the country. It is imp for laws to be implemented in an effective manner so as to keep the nation growing..
    And it is the responsibility of the people as well to behave well in civic code for the positive interest of the country.!!

  4. In few instances when people show efforts to seek justice, its a good sign for the country because it shows people's willingness to come forward and take a stand for justice from the legal courts.