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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Demand The Need

The best way to live life, live it at fullest. This philosophy of present era which sounds great but the word   " Fullest " is neither clear nor concrete in its meaning, majority of people opine it as  " acquire every bit of material benefit from nature," but it is really the real essence , meaning or feel of this word Fullest ?

We end or you end demands never end, if learning is a lifelong process demand is an engine which propel this process. We always emphasise on better planning and goals to live a life of an accomplished person but ignore or rather skip to talk about the medium(vehicle) one should choose in order to pursue his goals.
Control the controls, a good planner thinks about the end result- right on target , a planner with a good insight and vision thinks equally about the mechanism to achieve success, on the whole planning should go parallel with organising and controlling the things.

Family is a unit of society, a healthy society can survive when needs of a family synchronise or go along with the needs of society. Who will determine the needs of society ? Of course every member of the society not through an electoral process but through analysing his/her expectations from the society and, what society expects from him?

Resources are limited but wants are unlimited, now every member of the society have two options either to curtail his wants or enhance the available resources through some productive work.
We all wants equality, justice, opportunities and prosperity in the society and these are legitimate wants in fact needs of a society. But how to craft such a utopian society ? Equality lies on empathy, justice on conscience , opportunities on efforts and prosperity of a society depends how effective and efficient is the society in her valuable resources and undoubtedly nothing can be more valuable than a pro-active member of a society.

Hence it is the responsibility of the society to work on the development of her member , similarly it is the responsibility of people to contribute their best to the society.

It is tough to curtail our demands but it is easy to convert ourselves from liability to asset for a prosperous society. And this human development should be on holistic basis comprises social, psychological, political, judgmental, ethical not mere economic.

One should try to understand distinction between needs and wants in order differentiate between economic growth and economic development.

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