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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Confront Inequality to Conquer Tomorrow

I am neither a Marxist nor an advocate of anti-capitalist economic philosophy, being a steward of justice and proponent of absolute human equality which sounds like utopia to many confer that inequality is causing diabolical threats to the world peace. This inequality is not restricted to income disparity only- a huge gap between the haves and haves not. To a wider extent inequality is spreading its wing in almost every socio-economic activity in the world. Be it gender discrimination, foeticide, racialism, freedom of expression, adaption of religious thoughts or participation in governance and administration the evil of inequality divided the whole world into different cluttered groups and regions.

In the world of 7 billion people, majority is still deprived of basic human needs and amenities. At one end people in developed countries like the US and UK are facing problems such as obesity due to over nutrition but the majority in Africa and Asia is a victim of malnutrition and even starvation in countries like Sudan and Somalia. Women of developed countries spending billions on cosmetics and luxuries but there are millions of women in third world countries deprived of substantial clothes to cover their modesty. Each year thousands of women in these poor countries are compelled to fast even during the pregnancy.

Rich used to look down the poor and they reciprocate with hatred, violence, extortion and killing of innocent people. As, being rich is not a crime, living in poverty is not a choice too. Now, the question arises, do the rich are judicious in spending money lavishly? or the resources they are using liberally are meant for their consumption only. Why blacks are born to serve and whites to rule over them? The answer is simple and evident that this inequality is not God created, it is developed by some greedy and insane people of the developed countries who wants to create their palaces on the graves of dying humanity. Inequality is not the end product of resource allocation by nature, rather it is the farce distribution and management of natural resources by a mouthful of rich and powerful people.

If we want to see a better world tomorrow, free from terrorism, violence, regional conflicts, social disharmonies, racial hatred and burgeoning hostility between haves and haves-not, then rather making economic groups and association the policy makers should act boldly with all sincerity and cooperation of all to end equality in this world which is the pre-requisite of future's growth, prosperity and advancement.

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