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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Should India Ban Tobacco Products?

It is generally acknowledged that smoking is injurious to health. We also know that people have liberty to speak and eat of their choice in India. Therefore, stopping someone for something is not a right conduct. But the claim of a few ministers that not every person who consumes tobacco has cancer is not acceptable. As it somehow represents that not every accident leads to death. Some people are genetically stronger than others but it does not mean that tobacco does not cause any harm to them in one way or the other. 

Every year, almost six million people worldwide die of Oral Cancer caused by tobacco. And, as per the statement of head and neck surgeon of Tata Memorial Hospital, Tobacco companies all across the country has already admitted that their product is detrimental to health, therefore, they accepted to approve required health warning in their packaging materials as a part of manufacturer liability. People who smoke not only put their lives into risks of cancer but also endanger the lives of people near them. For that reason, smoking is prohibited in public places.

But, is banning tobacco an ideal solution? There was a law passed in the USA in 1920 to ban alcohol, which led to the birth of criminals and black marketers.   As such law creates an environment where culprit can stand in order to make a profit even such things are deemed illegal. Even it will create turbulence among those who are addicted to nicotine. Therefore, banning does not stop people to get the things they want. Government gave a large pictorial warning that is definitely a good move to discourage the use of tobacco.

Moreover, tobacco is one of the biggest and easiest sources of revenue for the Indian Government. It has a major contribution to economy by generating employment for lakhs of traders, farmers and manufacturers. However, regulating tobacco consumption might help.

There are a few things that can be done in order to regulate the consumption of tobacco. Government can increase the price of tobacco and apply heavy taxes on it so that it gets priced out of most pockets. Regulating the production of cigarettes may also help.

Also, if the price of electronic cigarettes gets reduced, then the people who are addicted can gradually control this addiction. In addition, there is need of public figures to campaign against smoking because they influence people the most.


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