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Saturday, 21 June 2014

India : Growing Economy And Dying Nationalism

The country which fought with British Empire and colonialism for more than a century is still struggling with internal forces which never allowed the India to garner true nationalism even after 67 years of independence. In the past 6 decades country witnesses countless incidences of sectarian violence, communal riots and cultural conflicts. We the Indians always remained engaged for our own sake and not for the nation and whenever we raised our voice and mustered up courage to fight with the system and society, then our struggles were intent to impose our identities rather than securing our rights and the nation at large. Be it terrorism in J&K, Punjab, Assam and Nagaland or rise of communal forces in north India and Maharashtra, we always fought with each other for our religious or cultural identity. Are Muslims not enjoying freedom in India as others? Are Sikhs not thriving economically and culturally? Are Christian not enjoying right to practice and promote the religion? And Are Hindus so insecure that they resorted to form Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and many other such radical outfits?

Fortunately a big NO to all such self fabricated, politically motivated and fanatically generated self-imposed nuances. A country which was famous for religious and cultural harmony is now infamous for internal animosities. Unfortunately, we have been parted with each other as per the longing desires of British tyranny. We boast on our economic growth and our corrupt politicians befooling the ill-educated and somewhat innocent Indians showing growth statistics. It is the high time to open our eyes, economic growth and development are two entirely different things. We can't list India among developed countries as we are lacking in most of the development factors such as health, education, infrastructure and safety of women. Yes, it is a paradox, a bitter truth. Do you want to know why India stands on embarrassing positions in many development indices? Just because of us. We are happy to waste our time and resources for irrational causes, rather than working with solidarity to achieve development and to promote nationalism.

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