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Monday, 9 June 2014

Learning Through Children Makes a Teacher Commendable

A good teacher always learns from the each moment of the life and after getting in touch with the inquisitive children, a teacher often finds himself/herself clueless to their innocent but scientific questions. The solution can lie in dictating ambiguous replies but this way one cannot discourage them to explore the unearthed world.

The positive way to suffice their intellectual needs is to listen them carefully, pursue their quest and anticipate the problems, don't give hasty replies if you are not sure about the right answer. Take some time, catalyze your brain cells with rational sensitivity then ask, why the child had asked this question? And what is the importance of this particular query in the life of this child ? Every child is unique and they think and respond differently. A sensible and affectionate teacher always loves to know each child in a very personal manner and then gives reply with the support of some interesting and lively examples as per his / her psychology and intellect.

Children find themselves in comfort zones when one spares a time to interact with them and specially listen to them, try to know their intra-personal and inter-personal skills, what they says and what they want to say ? Frequent and friendly meetings with a child enables you to interpret the child's personality, interests , inclinations and above all her "Dreams" which pave a path to run and move into the future.
In fact a teacher should be creative enough to mould the discussion or learning as per the demands of an individual child. A friendly approach with a child helps in removing different mental blocks and a caring attitude induces her overall learning growth. A good teacher must invest lots of my time as a passionate observer of children and their learning process, which is not possible from books on child psychology. Yes, learning is a lifelong process, but it should not be imposed or under the strictly fixed format, it should be inviting and embracing.

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