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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

We Can't Rely On Corrupt Police Personnel For Our Security

Corruption is a global phenomenon and none of the country is untouched by the malicious hands of  this burgeoning evil. Police which is believed to be the antithesis of corruption and harbinger of protection is worst affected by this horrifying monster. Need overtaken by greed and protection by threat, then in such a dreadful scenario how can we rely on police  for our safety and protection. The protector of peace and harmony are recruited by the government for maintaining law & order in a region. But, unfortunately it seems that they are only to serve governments and bureaucrats not the common citizens.

Bribe, extortion and wrongful utilisation of power are become the key attributes of our infamous police personnel and a common Indian feels insecure to see these khaki clad men. They work for rich and famous, it is the perception of common people about police forces. Few weeks ago I came through a very usual but shocking news when I was reading the newspaper at breakfast table. The news was, " A person complained against a doctor who is also in realty business, following the case procedures, the police was to send a report to the court, and an Assistant Police Inspector  was assigned to investigate the case. The API then approached to the complainant and demanded Rs5 lakh to send a positive report to the court. 

The complainant negotiated the deal for Rs3 lakh and paid up accordingly." However, the API and constable along with him asked for Rs50,000 more and they had also asked the complainant to handover flat booking receipts worth Rs10 lakh, so that they can recover the amount when the flats were eventually sold. These things frustrated the complainant, who approached the police station and lodged a complaint against the duo. It is not a just incidence, it is the truth we experience every day in our life. 

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